A healthy snack is provided at nursery for your child in the morning session.  Milk and Water are available.  

A small packed lunch is required if your child stays for the full day.  This must be in a clearly named lunch box.  A sandwich, piece of fruit and a yoghurt is ideal.

Please ensure lunch is given to your child before they arrive at nursery if they attend the afternoon session.

If you wish for your child to come into school for breakfast, 24 hours notice needs to be given. 

The nursery will provide a choice of cereals, toast with a selection of spreads and a drink of milk or fruit juice.  The cost for this is £4.20 which needs to be paid on the day.



In our morning sessions we have a theme table and your child will be encouraged to participate by bringing in an item relevant to that weeks theme. 

Please be aware of the weekly themes by looking on the notice board or on our web site.

We also have a nature area and hope your child will want to contribute to this.  A feather or leaf found on the way to school is perfect.

If your child celebrates a birthday whilst at school a birthday cake will be provided and all the children will enjoy a slice of cake as well as their normal snack.



Each child needs a raincoat/warm jacket or fleece, clearly named for outdoor play. 

Please ensure your child always has suitable outdoor clothing.  The jacket needs to be clearly named and hung on your childs peg.



Please remember to NAME EVERYTHING!

If your child is wearing nappies, please ensure there are plenty of spares in their shoe bag. 

We do not have supplies of nappies at nursery.


Milk and or water is provided.